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IANNELLI Law Firm is composed of experts, all at the highest levels in the various fields of law, who with enthusiasm, interpret the legal profession according to the innovative philosophy of customer care and satisfaction, due to our different experiences gained. The organization of the Firm, in fact, is inspired by principles of efficiency and quality and every activity - from the first contact with the customer to the definition of the practice and the subsequent relationship - takes place in compliance with standardized and proven procedures whose purpose is to offer our customers a fast, complete service and able to cover multiple areas of the law. The Firm, however, recognizes fundamental importance to the human relationship and the relationship with the client does not cease with the definition of the practice or the resolution traditional of the case. The organization of periodic update meetings and the free sending of the legal newsletter are, in fact, part of the concept of customer care to which we are inspired and according to which, by reversing positions, the customer is seen as the origin and the ultimate goal of professional activity.

IANNELLI Law Firm has prepared an internal-use manual for quality management with the aim of introducing the concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) into the management of the professional activity and always committing to improve internal procedures. The ultimate goal is to implement the strategy, culture and technical components and, in this way, to provide the customer with a complete service, fast, economical and really responsive to his needs and interests. With this in mind, the study has been equipped with an "Internet on demand" service through which it allows customers, equipped with their own password, to monitor online and when they wish, the status of their practices, to extract copies of the acts and to keep tabs on the fees accrued by the study. The quality control manager is Avv. Arturo Iannelli.

We are proud to annunche that our Firm has recently obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the Legal Services - Law Firm / Legal Services - Law Firm